Exhibits A Tribute to Mayor Bill

William H. Hudnut III (October 17, 1932 - December 17, 2016) was the longest serving mayor in Indianapolis. The only mayor to serve more than two terms, Hudnut was elected to the office four times, serving from 1976-1992. The late 1970s and 1980s were a time of change for many cities, and Indianapolis was no exception. During his tenure, Bill Hudnut is credited with turning Indianapolis from a sleepy "Naptown" or "India-No-place" to a major city, all during a time when many other Midwestern cities were on the decline. Our William Hudnut Digital Collection is the largest repository of its kind. We culled the tens of thousands of items to share our most treasured highlight. We hope you enjoy our tribute to Bill Hudnut's life and legacy in Indianapolis. Click start to learn more.

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